3 Unexpected Services Offered By Many Auto Wrecker Companies


Whenever we talk about auto wrecker service, people usually think they can only pick up the damaged vehicle and drop it at a mechanic’s store. Although this is the primary job of an auto wrecker company, it also offers other useful services to customers. However, it’s important to mention that not all car wrecker shops or companies offer the additional services. There are a few handfuls of ones that offer unexpected services to people. We have listed below three such incredible services that you can avail of from a top-class car wrecker company.

List of Additional Services Offered by Car Wrecker

Besides offering additional services, a premium car wrecker company would also charge affordable prices. But first, let’s take a look at the extra services you can avail of:

  1. Getting Your Car Repaired

Auto wreckers are mostly available throughout the day, unlike mechanics. Therefore, you can call your nearby auto wrecker company and ask for assistance at any time of the day. Though they aren’t professionally skilled enough to do major auto repairs, but can typically change tires or pump them or charge batteries or unlock cars. Therefore if you face a car breakdown in the middle of the road, you can hire some of the best wreckers in my area south island.

  1. Cleaning Up After a Major Accident

Ever wondered who cleans the mess after a major road accident occurs? An auto wrecker service is the one who does that. Not just that, they do other works too like cleaning oil spills or picking up glass from broken windows etc. After the incident, if you need to tow the car, call for a free car removal service in Dunedin.

  1. Buying Junk Cars

If your car is completely damaged after an accident and cannot be repaired, an auto wrecker service might purchase the vehicle. All you have to do is share the registration and ownership information with the shop. These car wrecker companies sell individual car parts and get money in return. You would be surprised to know that one can get maximum cash for scrap in South Island.


Thus, you can understand how good a car wrecker company can be at difficult times. If you are facing issues with your head, head to the nearest car wrecker shop near you and get your job done.